Incontri 2000


Incontri 2000

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Hardly to be seen behind his hair, but all the more, his bass. Thank you for so many excellent songs and live concerts. The full list is here: urlmBreaking Benjamin tour dates/url. Martin Bhmer (Germany) 30 May, 2013 Ciao Trevor, buon viaggio tra le stelle, il suono del tuo basso rimarr sempre impresso nel mio cuore davide depaoli 30 May, 2013.I.P. Trevor was one of the best with Thain and Entwistle. You were a musical hero, Trevor! David Cowperthwaite 30 May, 2013.I.P.

CarrieAgibe 5 May, 2019 500mg Capsules/url.owd. I feel blessed to have met and talked to him after a few shows. Denis Porignon 23 May, 2013 A big influence on my bass playing for the last 30 years and just as Gary thain before, a brilliant melodic vocalist/ bassist very much part of the Heep Family, Carry on boys because that's what Trev would want. He must have been well made up to see his lifelong football team Hull City get promoted to the Premiership along with Cardiff this season. Trevor has been an integral part of it foe son long and I will miss the sight of him on stage with the band.

I thank you for making my life more pleasurable. He had a great humility with regards to his own achievements and that really is a rarity in this current age. RIP Trevor Rikki Fox 30 May, 2013 Rest in peace my friend. Trevor will always remain in our hearts, and his music will live forever. To know more about Hootie and The Blowfish in 2019 visit website urlmHootie and the Blowfish tour Hershey/url. Great bass player that will be remembered. To do this you just need to find a video and click "download".

Thanks again for everthing! Your facebook post will be much more engaging and you will see more results and interaction from each and every post. Thomas 23 May, 2013 A fan for many years, never a day goes by without listening to your solid bass keeping Heap together. Manuel grech 23 May, 2013 Never forgotten. Missed him at Heep gig in Wolverhampton in February 2013 which he sadly didn't make. My thoughts are with everyone who loved him and his music. Nico de Hoog 23 May, 2013 The world lost one of its best bass players.

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You've been one the guys who impressed me by their kindness, and there aren't lot of them. SO many 70's icons are now playing in that 'great band in the sky'. Sam Jagger 23 May, 2013 I am terribly sad to hear of Trevors death, he was a terrific bass player and a wonderful person, rest in peace. Sati 29 May, 2013 Thanks for the memories Trevor live, and warm a safe journey wherever you gicians Birthday boosted.6.-13 HBD 3 pike 29 May, 2013 Trevor, thank you for the music! Regards from Germany Hardy Burkhard Heidkamp 30 May, 2013 Thank you for the music Trevor. TB you will be very sadly missed I feel Iv'e lost a part of my life with your passing RIP. Trevor Bolder, For me you were a inspiration, and thank you for the gigs you've played and i so very lucky cpould attend and see. RIP yep 30 May, 2013 So long, Trevor! Will milano, frontman of THE.I.N.

I'm broken hearted, for his family, friends, Uriah Heep, the music world in general. I was lucky to see Trevor play and think of this time with sadness. Trevor Hans-Peter Wolf - Germany 30 May, 2013 Farewell Trevor! You will be greatly missed. Cees 26 May, 2013 ciao trevor magnifico e meraviglioso bassista non ti dimenticheremo mai bruno coniglio 26 May, 2013 Thanks Trevor, I'll never forget the concerts in France ( Olympia, I was just front of you Raismes Fest. That way, your large body muscles are being used rather than your smaller arm and hand muscles. Trevor was a stroke of luck (Glücksfall) for Uriah Heep. Brilliant musician, brilliant bassist george khakhutashvili 23 May, 2013 Trevor was one of the best bass players I have ever had the fortune to perform with and a gentleman. Brian 10 June, 2013 I still can not believe.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends and the rest of the band. Again, we never met but through the amazing bass playing played on those essential bowie albums and then the heep albums I was always aware of something unique in Trevors playing that inspired me to also "have a go". Quanto alle immagini postate nel proprio profilo, una ricerca del 2010 ha verificato 7 quanto le foto postate somigliassero alle persone reali: si è visto che tutti avevano scelto in assoluto le loro foto migliori, ma nel complesso le differenze. Jon Binder 23 May, 2013 gone with the wind, staying now with the angels bruni 23 May, 2013 Trevor, you will always be remembered for being a great person as well as a great musician. The software will then search for all posts that have your hashtags and then like them, comment on them and follow the users (you can tell what the software should do: follow, comment or/and like posts). May his music live forever. Barry Atkinson 26 May, 2013 Merci pour la musique. Joe Cogan (Firefly) 23 May, 2013 So shocked. I'll keep his music in my head and my heart until the last day and when I get married next year, one song from "Sea Of Light" becomes the soundtrack for my wedding. Check out our work and reviews here: /writeforyou Keri Scheffel 18 April, 2019 You can have your new article to post on m starting at 10 in as little as 5 days!

A great guy in any way -.I.P. A terrible loss for uriah heep and rock music of an excellent bassist and personality, he'll be forever through the music and his incredible evor. And perhaps sometimes you are there, when Uraih Heep is on Stage again. Thomas Huwyler 23 May, 2013 Good bless you Trevor. De band was close en daarom zo goed en stabiel.

Chris previti 26 May, 2013 thanks for all the memories trevor. My thoughts go out to his family and freinds. Se cerchi donne per incontri sesso bergamo qui ne trovi a palate. Zsolt 30 May, 2013 An outstanding musician and - as far as I can assume - a real gentleman. Bert 3 June, 2013 For me he was the best bass player in the world. Trevor Bolder inspired the band with his professional way to play. VhJyHPGeXU9k Trevor was really one of the finest bass-player ever! We name a few: Spotify, Pokemon, Clash of Clans and many others.

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